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Chat qui Rit, historic ambiance and modern flavours of the territory: you could summarize so thought the Chat qui Rit. The restaurant is in fact a dream life severed, family for two generations in catering, and that always want to create a new address for gourmets in Venice: a place where you can combine the tradition of the venetian recipes with a contemporary. The result is a sincere and genuine cuisine set in a young, informal atmosphere, where hospitality is an essential value.

“We believe in the importance of the meeting, in the value of the exchange, and we think a pleasure is such only when it can be shared. ours is a time technical research to exaltation from the raw material in its purity. the raw material, excellent, that is the essence of quality. we prefer the seasonality of products, ensuring their provenance, preferring the use of typical products of the territory.” 

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The philosophy of the chat qui rit is to ensure always the use of high quality, ingredients, fundamental to the creation of each gastronomic proposal and research new techniques to enhance its essence. This is the reason why we look to the Rialto market only the best seasonal and best raw materials, we know that the secret of haute cuisine is its impeccable simplicity. Among our kitchen and our rooms you can breatg deep the special and unique homely atmosphere. We imagine a place in wich the tradition and the interpretazione can spread the true Italian soul. Chat qui Rit is a place for those people that don’t only taste but prefer to close their eyes and savor.

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Passion and Tradition

because our passion is exalting your senses.



“In wine is hidden the truth. the diva bottle you send us: be yourself interpreters of your discovery”

François Rabelais – 1494

Our wine list is the result of a personal research in the territory and is our selection of the best wines from the cellars of the italian regions more suited to enhance the passion, culture and wine experience in our country.
The cellar is constantly evolving, and offers both the chiefs of the territory that balances the more sophisticated and innovative products.
The continuous search for innovations, the chat qui rit to compose increasingly varied cellar, consisting of local labels now famous and excellent products from other regions of Italy.

Stand out within the wine list labels such as
Monteversa, Bellenda, Merotto, Ferrari, Dorigati, Antica Fratta, Cavalchina, Inama, Cá Rugate, Ottella, Torre RosazzaZorzetting, Edi-Kebber, Ronco dei Tassi , Primosic, Ermes Pavese, Tenuta San Leonardo, Castello della Sala, Masciarelli, Tenuta Guada al Tasso, Zenato, Le Pitre, Conte Brandolini D’adda, Sottimano, Saffiro Josetta, Massolino, Francesco Rinaldi e Figli, Il Colle, La Massa, Testamatta, Isole e Olena, Col D’Orcia, Antinori, Castello Del Terriccio, Conte Emo Capodilista, Hauner

Worth mentioning are also our selection of italian craft beers.
Ca Foresto e Barbaforte.

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